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once upon a time theere was a fat cat that liked to walk along the beach sipping pina coladas in the sunshine. often they felt like the warmth contrasted with the cool icy alcohol in a way reminiscent of their days before joining cat kind. it was this vague feeling of being of a time before it knew of, that the cat based its sense of reality and self worth upon. for if it was to believe only in the now, in the tangiable, and the proven, then who is to say what it could achieve in such limited constraints. no, by quietly clinging to the notion that it was more than it is now, before it is now, it can sustain a mild sense of childlike wonderment as it regards the insane and inexplicable actions of others around it. besides, pina coladas taste wonderful.


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This account is like a relic from the past. A long forgotten time when i was an avid coder (html, php, sql, css) and graphic designer for desktop and web interfaces.

Then something happened and i turned my focus to something cooler. Audio. Audio engineering.

Most of my creative output now days is music. My soundcloud pretty much has it all. DJ sets, remixes, free tracks, works in progress, and snippets from my releases off Beatport, iTunes, etc.

It's funny. For so long i'd strived to get better and better with a graphics tablet and draw freehand, but i could never make it work. So instead i decided to create sounds out of thin air and write electronic music ;)

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